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Film Review: Hall Pass

Feb 28, 2011 02:50AM ● By Wendy Sipple

Peter and Bobby Farrelly have made a career of making comedies out of subjects no one else would touch. In Hall Pass they make a comedy out of the subject of infidelity, and like their previous efforts it works. 

The premise involves two wives (played by Jenna Fisher and Christina Applegate) who give their husbands a “hall pass,” which is a week off from being married. They think by giving their middle aged husbands a week of freedom that they will learn to appreciate what they have. 

The husbands (played by Owen Wilson and Jason Sudiekis) talk a big game but are stunningly inept at courting women. In fact they spend most of their time eating and finding trouble with hilarious results. Little do they know that their wives are much more savvy during the “hall pass” time at attracting male counterparts.

I always judge a comedy by the number of times I find myself laughing, and Hall Pass has several laugh out loud scenes. The movie is certainly not for the faint of heart and some of the comedy comes from sheer shock value. But what the Farrelly Brothers do so well in their films is to add a lot of heart to their characters.

So while there is plenty of lewd and crude moments of comedy, there are also great moments of levity in the film that makes the characters real. There is a small scene where a father reads his daughter a book before she goes to bed. While he reads she has his hair all done up in bows. The interaction in this scene is not over done and every father with a daughter in the audience can relate to that as we all have had bows in our hair too. But it’s those moments that lifts Hall Pass above the run of the mill comedies.

Hall Pass is one of the funniest comedies of the last few years, however, it is not for everyone. This movie is certainly not for children and will be too much for people who do not enjoy crude humor. But if you like movies in the same vein as Something About Mary you will love Hall Pass.

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