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DermaSweep MD

Feb 28, 2011 05:38AM ● By Style

DermaSweep MD- Microdermabrasion taken to a whole new level!


I love being the Style Guinea Pig and trying new things. So, when Victoria Spitters, esthetician extraordinaire at Absolute Beauty in Rocklin offered to demonstrate how this new version of a tried and true skin resurfacing treatment works, I jumped at the opportunity. My 50 plus skin really needed a boost. Acne at my age? Thanks, menopause. Saggy skin and lines? Thanks to all those years baking myself in the sun without realizing the effect it would have as I aged. Puffy eyes and dark circles? Um, thanks, Style Media Group, for the stress of the job! You name the problem, I have it. And luckily, Victoria has the treatment for it.

I was so pampered that I didn’t want to leave! First of all Victoria spent time discussing my skin needs with me and what products I’ve been using. She told me that because I was trying to exfoliate all the time I was probably harming my skin because I was being too aggressive. After that I settled under a nice cozy blanket in a quiet and tranquil room and let Victoria take charge of my skin. First she cleansed my skin with a gentle cleanser. After that she did a traditional microdermabrasion treatment which uses a vacuum tip to remove all the dead skin. This machine does not use crystals, just gentle suction which feels like a massage on your face. Following that treatment she applied a Papaya enzyme mask by Jan Marini which aids in exfoliation.

Next came the Dermasweep MD part - the tip of the microdermabrasion machine is changed out to combine exfoliation with the delivery of skin specific topical solutions.

DermaSweep MD’s topical solutions are formulated to treat specific dermatological conditions. The solution is applied under vacuum pressure at the same time the system exfoliates the epidermis.

Victoria infused two different solutions. First was to address my acne. The solution was a Salicylic acid to treat my acne and clogged pores. After that to address my dry skin and its fine lines and wrinkles she infused my skin with Hyaluronic Acid containing Aloe Vera and Chamomile. It feels cool and comfortable on my skin.

Following this infusion process Victoria applied a calming mask and then a moisturizer with spf 30.

I spent about an hour and a half and when I was all done my skin looked and felt amazing!

This took place last Sunday and I wanted to wait a few days to see how my skin reacted to the treatments before writing this. So, it’s been 4 days and my acne is almost completely gone, my makeup goes on smoother and my skin looks plumper! Victoria suggests having the Dermasweep treatment once a month or so and then a facial in between the Dermasweep treatments.

Victoria was trained by a doctor who teaches at Stanford and she is very knowledgeable about skin and skin care products. She is warm, caring and I can’t wait to go back! The best part? The cost. This whole treatment process which included cleansing, 2 masks, microdermabrasion and infusion along with a quick shaping of my eyebrows thrown in for good measure was only $130. There is a discount if you buy a series. So, ladies….and gentlemen (yes, this treatment is great for hydrating and a great supplement to any man’s skincare regime), treat yourself or someone you love to Absolute Beauty from the absolute best! Thanks Victoria!