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Feb 03, 2011 09:04AM ● By Style

Photo by Dante Fontana

We’ve all heard the saying, “Age ain’t nothing but a number.”

And so it seems with El Dorado Hills band Jaxx, whose members’ ages range from 14-16, respectively, this philosophy deems correct. Despite their young age, the music is wise beyond their years, as they mostly cover rock classics such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, and Rush.

With a style described as progressive and experimental, the instrumental band – compiled of Alan Petterle and Nikkos Savas on guitar, Kyle Maxwell on bass and Jack Petterle on percussion – have also crafted eight original songs. And with most of the five-minute-long tracks having individual solos, it’s no doubt a rather epic endeavor, considering the boys are also full-time students and teenagers with social lives. The dedicated members, two of whom were self-taught, have been playing together since early 2010 and practice at least three times a week, leaving little time for extracurricular activities.

“In all of our families, school comes first,” says Jack Petterle. And indeed, there’s a pre-calculus textbook present at their band practice. “But anything else has to be scheduled around the band,” adds Maxwell.

Their hard work is paying off too. Jaxx is the recent champion of Jokers Roadhouse “Battle of the Bands” in Georgetown, California. The competition, which spanned over three days, consisted of 15 groups who besides Jaxx, were mostly 20-year-olds. As part of their winning prize, the band is now working on recording their first studio album.

Scheduled to debut this month, the album will feature Jaxx’s original tracks, which they’ve been busily re-working in between playing gigs at places such as the Blacksheep and Crystal Basin Cellars. When asked why they choose to play the music they do, Maxwell answers, “We don’t like most new music in general; it’s all about the old stuff. We want to bring back good music...rap is too easy!”

One would think that being high school students moonlighting as rock stars, the band would be scoring popularity points amongst their peers. Yet most of their friends don’t believe them at first, especially Jack Petterle, who’s still in junior high. “When people hear that we have a band, they don’t really take us seriously,” says Maxwell. “They probably think we’re terrible, until they hear us.”

The band, self-described idealists, has made it their mission to bring each of their musical styles together to make a harmonious change in the industry. In the meantime, the one missing component of their group is a vocalist. Jaxx is patiently waiting for the right “one” who will align with their mission and the path the band wants to go.

And just how far do the boys want to go with their music? Says an enthusiastic Alan Petterle, “All the way!”

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