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Jan 05, 2011 10:42AM ● By Style

Q: My cat gets really anxious and has “accidents” whenever I leave town. Is there anything I can do to ensure that she will remain calm when I leave?

A: Cats are territorial by nature, so it is sometimes upsetting when things change in their environment. Making sure the litter box is clean when you leave is important. Also, if you have something that smells like you (t-shirt, robe, etc.), you might put it where the cat sleeps so they can smell you while you’re gone. Finally, if possible, arrange to have a daily visit from a pet sitter so they won’t be lonely for too long and can have some undivided attention. The sitter can also ensure that the litter box remains clean.

Teri Huff, Priceless Petsitting
530-672-9738, 916-804-3274

Q: Why do my light bulbs burn out so quickly?

A: There may be a voltage issue, but there are other things that may be going on as well. Ask yourself these questions: Are these lamps on a dimmer switch? Are the lamps the recommended wattage for the application (each fixture has a sticker that has the maximum allowed wattage)? If you have lamps that are getting brighter then dimmer or flickering, you should call an electrical contractor to check for an open neutral, as this could be a serious problem. Remember: The state of California requires all electricians to be state-certified.

John Carnahan
Carnahan Electric Ltd.,
Alternative Electrical Systems
6391 Capitol Avenue, Diamond Springs