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Wacky Tacky

Dec 02, 2010 04:00PM ● By Style

Photo by Dante Fontana

Describe your business. Did you find it, or did it find you?

Wacky Tacky is a giant jungle wonderland – a 3-story jungle gym with lots of physical activities for kids, including giant slides, climbing walls, and cannons from which kids can shoot foam balls. It definitely is a very fun experience. Also, stay tuned for an expansion coming soon.

Why is your staff the best in the business?

My staff is the best in the business and they are why the business still shines today; they create joy while always working with a smile.

Where do you go when the going gets tough?

I try to go somewhere calm and away from unnecessary distractions to think and clear my mind…because with a clear mind a solution is always possible.

What’s your hidden talent?

I love working on cars and can do almost anything to a car to make it unique, both engine- and body-wise.

What’s your biggest job perk?

Working with my family and meeting new people every day.

What’s your favorite place to eat out locally?

I like going to Boudin Bakery in the Fountains because of their selection of soups and sandwiches served on amazingly fresh bread.

What’s your favorite childhood memory?

When my parents took me overseas to travel and learn about different cultures. My father always told me that the best way to know something is to see it for yourself.

If you could meet someone living or dead, who would it be and why?

I have always wanted to meet Muhammad Ali; he was such an inspirational person.

What’s your favorite local event that you go to?

I like going to Downtown Roseville on Tuesdays just to see the car shows they host.

And finally, customer service is…?

Good customer service is doing whatever you can to keep the customer satisfied.

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