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The Mandarin Chinese Restaurant

Nov 29, 2010 05:54AM ● By Style

Photo by Dante Fontana

I have a theory that family-run restaurants are some of the best places to find comfort food.

At the long-standing Chinese restaurant, The Mandarin, in Pollock Pines, this is exactly the case. It’s the type of place where you can find both classic and unique Chinese dishes all prepared with a generous dose of family love.

One evening, I took my family out to grab some of our favorite Chinese dishes, along with a couple pleasant surprises. We started off the feast with Crab Cheese Wontons. After devouring the scrumptious appetizer, we made sure to order our family staples: House Fried Rice and Chicken Chow Fun – a wide, flat rice noodle served with a savory sauce, vegetables and your choice of meat or tofu. Feeling adventurous, we decided to put a spin on one of our favorites and ordered the Mongolian Lamb. The dish with lamb was a tasty new twist on the classic – smoky, sweet and spicy Mongolian flavor, mixed with the tenderness and mildness of lamb. We also ventured to the Four Seasons – a dish stacked high with a variety of seafood, including scallops, shrimp, white fish and calamari, along with fresh veggies – all in a light, savory wine and oyster sauce.

Free space at the table quickly shrank as the platters were speedily delivered. At the end of our feast, we were so incredibly satisfied and stuffed that any dessert other than the fortune cookies was out of the question.

Venture out and try The Mandarin. And, whether or not you mix it up by substituting the meat in your favorite dish for lamb (or dare I suggest even tofu), trust me, you won’t leave disappointed!

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