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Designer Consigner

Nov 02, 2010 05:44AM ● By Style

Photo by Dante Fontana

Describe your business. Did you find it, or did it find you?

Designer Consigner is a women’s boutique carrying new and gently used designer brands, which saves bargain savvy fashionistas up to 75 percent on high-end must-haves. We are a mother-daughter team, and prior to co-founding Designer Consigner, Judith designed and manufactured high-end fashions. She is our resident expert when it comes to anything in fashion. Judith currently manages the Granite Bay boutique and offers free fashion styling advice. Jane is as passionate about technology as Judith is about fashion. Jane’s 20 years of experience as a software developer and project manager ensures a positive consumer experience on the Web site. Jane manages operations and the online shopping experience.

What was the first job you ever had, and what did you learn from the experience?

Judith began her career recreating fashions from American magazines for New Zealanders who had no access to designer clothing at that time. With a great desire to expand her knowledge, she moved to London and worked for a European fashion business. She later returned to New Zealand where she designed and manufactured high-end fashions. Her designs have sold worldwide and have won several prestigious awards.

How are you involved with both the community and your customer?

It’s paramount that we make a difference in our community. We work together with our consigners and donate fine clothing to womens’ charities.

Why is your staff the best in the business?

We are a family-run business, committed to giving the best, friendliest service in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

What’s your biggest job perk?

Our community is like no other. The women in this area are smart, warm, welcoming and have a great sense of style, and we get to meet them every day.

What’s your favorite place to eat out locally?

It’s a toss-up between the Mackenzie Grille at the Granite Bay Golf Club and Paul Martin’s American Bistro in Roseville.

And finally, customer service is…?

Customer service is not a department – it’s an attitude!

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