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Get to Know...Deanna Fausel

Sep 30, 2010 05:00PM ● By Style

Photo by Dante Fontana

Deanna Fausel has been a fixture of Placerville Hardware for over 37 years.

That’s the year she married into the Fausel family…and the Fausel family store. Fausel is a person with many interests and has been blessed to be able to explore many of them. Growing up in Elk Grove, she was active in gymnastics and 4H. “I feel 4H and my first job at Montgomery Wards gave me many of the skills I needed to be successful at the store,” Fausel says. With her gymnastic ability, she became a cheerleader in high school and eventually a coach. Later, she developed programs for small children to learn gymnastics, enabling her to remain active in the sport while raising her own three kids.

Because she was busy being a mother, Fausel only worked at the store during Christmas time. Beginning in 1993, when her children were a bit older, she was the store manager for 14 years. Now, taking a little time for her creative endeavors at home but still keeping her hand in the business, Fausel serves the store by directing various activities on occasion.

On the day of our meeting, Fausel and I chatted at the family ranch in Placerville where she hosts weddings. Fausel feels this new career enables her natural creativity, hospitality, and organizational skills to be used in new ways. She explains, “I have lots of layers and like to do many things.” Being on the ranch also allows her to focus on being a grandmother – something that also gives her true pleasure.

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