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Get to Know...Nic & Tristan Puehse

Jul 31, 2010 05:00PM ● By Style

Photo by Dante Fontana

Did you know that a couple skateboarding sensations live right in our region?

Skating since the age of six, 12-year-old brothers Nic and Tristan Puehse, have now moved up the ranks to semi-celebrity status with the recent release of their new movie, “Nic & Tristan Go Mega Dega,” as well as multiple television interviews and millions of views on their various YouTube videos.

So how did they get so good? “A lot of our fans think that we skate 24/7, but really we skate three days a week. I think part of our talent is having our natural ability, but another 40 percent is about having to work hard,” says Nic. “Sometimes we’ll skate around and make it on our first try, but other times it’s harder to get down a new trick.”

Since they’re home-schooled, play the same sport and are basically around each other all of the time, it’s natural to wonder whether or not Tristan and Nic suffer from sibling rivalry. According to Nic, they “get along most of the time, but sometimes have occasional arguments.” Both brothers strongly agree, though, that they love skateboarding and the best things about their sport are “going fast, learning new tricks and getting big air.”

Although they spend a lot of time testing their talent at various skate parks, these brothers come from a tight-knit family that often plays tennis, racquetball and other sports together. They also enjoy watching movies and reading. “I like studying English/Language Arts because of the reading and answering questions. Our mom does most of the schooling and she makes it all fun,” says Tristan. For more information, visit

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