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Jul 29, 2010 06:41AM ● By Style

1. A Wall of White by Jennifer Woodlief

Based on the famous account of the 1982 avalanche at Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, this thrilling true and heroic tale gives survival a whole new meaning.
Available at

2. Change Your Mindset Not Your Man by Sally Watkins

“Learn to love what’s right instead of trying to fix what’s wrong.” Based on the author’s 20-year psychotherapy practice in Folsom, she shows women how to live a full, happy life, even with a normally-flawed man and imperfect relationship.
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3. Shaking Hands with Cancer and Coming Out Fighting by Cheryl Dal Porto

Although this inspirational book is about the author’s experiences as a cancer survivor, it is more about conquering obstacles, overcoming challenges and turning troubled times into powerful life changing moments.
Can be ordered by sending $18.95 (including tax and postage) to: Pine Grove Publishing Company, 5151 Mt. Aukum Road, Placerville, CA 95667.  VISA, MC and checks are accepted. If using a credit card, please supply expiration date.  If you would like a signed copy, please state.

4. Sir Keegan The Great! by Melanie Pond

Both the illustrations and the words charmingly describe how an energetic little boy, Sir Keegan, uses his imagination to playfully transform a potential ho-hum day into an exciting adventure of slaying dragons.
Available locally at Posh Pumpkins and Rolling Hills Christian Church, and also where all books are sold in stores and online.

5. The Bridge at Valentine by Renee Thompson

In the remarkable retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, this story presents a realistic yet poignant portrayal of life in 1890’s Idaho.
Available at

6. Take Charge! A Pocket Guide for Coping with Life by Kathryn Reeves Weston, Psy. D.

For anyone considering a profession as a therapist or those who simply need a little guidance, Weston offers a healthy perspective on various issues and transitions that life throws our way at one time or another.
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7. Emerge: Cracking the Cocoon of Media Socialization by Lisa K. Dunne, Ph. D.

Professor Dune analyzes the strategic thrust of entertainment media and its ultimate impact on worldview, offering tools to crack the cocoon and break free of the stronghold of media socialization.
Available on and the author also offers tips and tools on her website

8. Placer County Real Food by Joanne Neft with Laura Kenny

A book of menus based entirely on what’s available from local farms and farmers’ markets. This story shared by friends and strangers around the table every Monday night will inspire you to discover “real food” and enjoy them with others.
For more information, visit

9. Don’t Get Thin-Get Healthy by Loraine Holden

Your body is meant to be healthy. You just have to teach it how. Get the tools for a fit, healthy body (for your body type) while avoiding the effects of aging in this fresh read.
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10. Mosaic Moon by Frances Kakugawa

A unique resource for anyone with a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or another long-term illness, Mosaic Moon offers hope, humor and a powerful antidote to the heavy burden of caregiving.
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11. Ivy’s Ever After by Dawn Lairamore

Full of humor and high adventure, Ivy’s Ever After is a twist on the typical princess-needs-rescuing-from-a-dragon storyline, and instead features a princess and a dragon that actually team up to thwart the handsome prince. Ages 8-12.
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12. Earn It: Empower Yourself for Love by Bob Quinlan

This book will prove that love is earned logically, physically and emotionally, and that love does have conditions. Quinlan shows that realizing this can empower you to behave in ways that “earn” you even more love in your life.
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13. Gardening With My Sisters by Gail Wilczynski with Zoie, Rebecca, Shawna, Renaee, Sarah, and Katrina

Big Brothers Big Sisters Program Youth Mentor, Gail Wilczynski, and her six “little sisters” talk about their relationship with one another, the garden they created together, and their dream efforts to give back to the community.
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