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M. Shahrzad Fine Persian Cuisine

May 28, 2010 06:14AM ● By Style

Photo by Dante Fontana

It’s no secret that our area boasts delicious ethnic fare from all corners of the globe.

I recently happened upon wonderful Persian cuisine with a menu and ambiance that begs diners to partake. Shahrzad’s palatial entrance, complete with a central fountain and ample outdoor seating provides an inviting beginning to an exemplary meal.

I met our photographer for a work lunch at Shahrzad, knowing his distinguished palate. We chose an outdoor table and were greeted with a basket of pita accompanied by Feta cheese, greens and a red onion. Still needing time to decide on our entrees, we agreed on the Dolmeh appetizer – cooked grape leaves stuffed with rice, tarragon, split peas, basil, parsley and fresh herbs. It arrived promptly and was immediately enjoyed. The flavors married beautifully and deliciously, foretelling of the meal to come.

My dining partner ordered Beef Koobedeh – a skewer of ground sirloin and grated onion, and I opted for the Shish Kabob – filet mignon grilled with onions and red peppers. We each also decided on getting the Shirazi Salad. Crisp cucumbers, onions and tomatoes, balanced by parsley and oil and vinegar, all make this salad a crunchy and light offering, especially on a mild summer day. Our entrees arrived, steaming. With the skewer removed, my grilled line of steak and peppers looked almost too savory to eat. Plated with imported basmati rice and accompanied by a grilled tomato, I must admit that I nearly cleaned my plate. I sampled our photographer’s dish and it was delicious as well.

Per usual, I saved just enough room for dessert. We shared their Bamieh – sugar-soaked dough rounds – along with Persian ice cream. The Bamieh was the ultimate in sweet-tooth satisfaction, and it’s even better when paired with the ice cream. Saffron, rosewater and pistachios are just a few of the flavors bursting from this dessert. An afternoon meal entailing delicious Middle Eastern fare, sunshine and good company made it difficult to return to the office…but I am certainly glad that eating is a part of my job description.

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