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10 Spot Trivia

Apr 27, 2010 07:44AM ● By Style

May is National Bicycle Month, and to celebrate, Style has compiled a few questions to test your knowledge and get your wheels turning.

1. Renowned artist ____, sketched a facsimile of a modern day bicycle in 1490, but it never left his drawing board.

2. What year was the term “bicycle” first used?

3. When were kickstands added to bicycles?

4. Where was the first “mountain bike” created?

5. Who is credited for inventing the “modern” bicycle?

6. When did mountain bikes first compete in the Olympic Games?

7. Who said, “...bicycling has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world.”?

8. What is the oldest bicycling event still running on a regular basis on the open road?

9. What article of clothing was designed for women riders to maintain their modesty while riding in skirts?

10. How much did the first self-propelled bicycle weigh?

Spoiler Alert!

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1. Leonardo Da Vinci
2. 1869
3. In the 1940s
4. California
5. Karl Von Drais
6. 1996
7. Susan B. Anthony
8. Paris-Brest-Paris, began in 1891
9. Bloomers
10. Fifty-six pounds