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Seeds of Creedence

Jan 28, 2010 09:23AM ● By Wendy Sipple

Photo by Dante Fontana

Four young musicians are making their way onto the scene in the California Sierras. The new teen sensation, Seeds of Creedence, has set their path for the future in only one year. Although the members are still in high school, all four have maintained good grades while contributing to their community in their spare time. Creedence has held fundraising concerts for KFOK radio station, Church of the Foothills, Holy Trinity autism programs, as well as concerts that support local businesses.

Erik Childs, 16, plays lead guitar and vocals; David Oakes, 15, is on rhythm guitar and vocals; Ryan Ladd, 15, plays bass guitar and Christian Klausner, 16, is the drummer who occasionally does backup vocals. Together they play a mixture of many styles of rock, including alternative, classic, hardcore, acoustic and pop. 

“We’ve played a lot of different venues,” Childs says. “ And I’d say my favorite probably has to be the Green Valley Battlegrounds, they are always really fun.” Oakes’ personal favorite is Club Retro because of the big turnout there, but also because it was “a really fun experience.”

The band has performed shows at The Cozmic Cafe in Placerville and the Placerville County Fair. “I think we all agree that we’d love to go anywhere to play a show, but realistically, the furthest would probably be Oregon and that would have to be if we were on a tour schedule,” Oakes says. He adds that the band members’ parents might have a different opinion as to the whereabouts of the band’s concerts.

Oakes says he has always loved music, and starting a band has been a dream of his for a while. “I’ve been singing all my life,” he shares. “I played piano when I was younger, for four years, and [I] started playing guitar in junior high.”

Most of the members met in school some time ago and have been friends ever since. Childs admits that his mom, Dana Childs, came up with the name. It grew on them and the band adopted the moniker. “These boys are incredible,” Dana says. “They are all in love with music. They give it up for their audiences, while at the same time managing to be excellent students and contributors to their community.”

Childs says his favorite part about playing music is when people sing along. Oakes thinks all of it is a blast. And although they do not have an album completed yet, they are in the midst of recording their first full-length CD.

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