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Where to Enlist

Dec 30, 2009 05:59AM ● By Wendy Sipple

Photo by Dante Fontana











Basic Training Boot Camp

Ben-a-fit Personal Training, inc

Breakout Fitness

Broadstone Racquet Club

California Family Fitness

Crossfit Genesis

CrossFit VictriX

El Dorado Hills Sports Club


FitForce Bootcamp

Fitness Boxing Bootcamp

Fitness Rangers Bootcamp

Folsom Mixed Martial Arts

Folsom Wellness and Sports Conditioning Center

Full Throttle

Jessica's Accelerated Bootcamp

Johnson Ranch Racquet Club

Lord's Gym of El Dorado County

Mama Bootcamp

May Day Boot Camp

Millenium Sports Club

Peak Health

Roseville Health & Wellness Center

Sac Area Adventure Bootcamp

Snap Fitness

Shape Yourself Training

Superwomen Bootcamp

The Red Pit

Folsom Road Runners
We are an active group of people of all ages and running abilities who enjoy sharing our running experiences with each other. We welcome runners of all goals, ages, speeds and styles; fitness runner to racer, ultramarathoner to triathlete, newcomer to veteran. We're a proud member of RRCA (