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Get to Know...Robin Trimble

Nov 25, 2009 05:25AM ● By Wendy Sipple

Photo by Dante Fontana

Robin is a matchmaker. No, you can’t go to her to help find your slacker son a good wife,

but if you are seeking any type of business service in the Rocklin area, she is the one to go to. “I love putting people together with other people!” she tells us with obvious excitement in her voice. “We serve the business community, the educational community and the city. As a result, we can put anyone together with anyone who needs it.” In many people’s minds, the chamber of commerce is an antiquated concept – Trimble is on the front lines changing that opinion on a daily basis.

“Newcomers to Rocklin, moving in from the Midwest, come into the chamber to see what’s going on because it is the hub of the community in a lot of midwestern communities. We are working to make the Chamber the first place people think of when they are looking for a service in our community, too.” Rocklin has been recognized as one of the best communities in the U.S. in which to raise a family, and the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce is doing all it can to contribute to that image.

“My philosophy is that you are your own CEO. People direct their own lives, the same way a CEO directs a company. With some thoughtful direction, you can go anywhere!” says Trimble.

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