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Tokyo Dori

Oct 30, 2009 11:17AM ● By Wendy Sipple

Photo by Dante Fontana

My sushi-loving gal pal and I recently had another lunch date to catch up and do what we do best – eat! This time at Tokyo Dori in Rocklin.

Tokyo Dori is tucked in the corner of a shopping center, and advertises half-off discounts on all rolls! But don’t be mistaken, there’s nothing cheap about the flavor and quality of their rolls.

We met at Tokyo Dori on a sunny Saturday for lunch. We were seated immediately and got to chatting. Catching up kept our attention from perusing the vast menu. To allow for more talk time, we each ordered Miso Soup and decided on the Sea Steak appetizer. The Sea Steak arrived quickly on a chilled platter in a tangy soy sauce mixture. A perfect ruby color, we quickly devoured our appetizer. Our attentive server Ceci ensured our satisfaction with filled glasses and consistent checking in.

Finally making my decision, I ordered the Spicy Killer Roll, a spicy tuna roll, topped with none other than spicy tuna! My dining partner chose the Mt. Fuji Roll, a shrimp tempura roll, topped with white sauce. Both arrived promptly, meticulously prepared by Tokyo Dori’s masterful sushi chefs. Our rolls looked almost too good to eat...almost. We recapped stories from recent adventures in between mouthfuls of sushi. Remaining ladylike while talking and eating is truly a talent. And eat we did, and like we’ve said many times, we both exclaimed that we couldn’t possibly finish the huge rolls, but alas, we had reduced our sushi rolls down to one piece each. Never one to waste food, I reluctantly ate my last piece, and my friend followed suit. Catching up with friends is always wonderful, but it’s even better when good food is involved.