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Thai Ginger & Satay Bar

Oct 30, 2009 11:13AM ● By Wendy Sipple

Photo by Dante Fontana

Even in this tough economic time, quality restaurants continue to spring up all over Folsom. While I was sad to see the local landmark Bella Bru go, the brand new Thai Ginger has filled the building with aromas of world-class Thai cuisine.

My lunch date, my mom, was running a little late, so I decided to order a pot of green tea to sip while I waited. I was also given a courtesy bowl of salad to tease my hungry stomach. When she arrived, we were ready to order. I love discovering new food, and even though Thai isn’t new to me, I decided to try something my girlfriend has recommended. I looked over the large menu, but decided it best to follow her orders and go with the Spicy Beef Pad Kee Mao. My mother is a vegetarian and had many choices, but since we were short on time, she settled on the standard Pad Thai with tofu.

The food came quickly and steaming hot with the source of the aroma that filled the interior. Sometimes my belly reacts quicker than my brain, so of course I dove right in and lit my mouth on fire with the heat and the delicious spice of the dish. Then I decided to let it cool as I pretended not to be in pain (even though my watery eyes and sweat beads betrayed me). When I finally recovered and finished my meal, I was thoroughly satisfied. My mother’s Pad Thai was more than she bargained for, so she packed it up for lunch the next day.

The staff was very courteous and quick to serve. I don’t think my water glass was ever less than half full. As we left, we decided to take a curious look at the bar off to the side. We realized we might have missed one of the best features of the restaurant – the Satay Bar. The manager came over and took the time to explain each skewer and dish on display that was available for the chef to cook up.

Although I was sad to see Bella Bru go, I am equally happy to see their shoes being filled by a tasty restaurant and sure-to-be new landmark