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Introducing...Salon 51

Sep 23, 2009 10:21AM ● By Wendy Sipple

Photo by Dante Fontana

Describe your business. Did you find it, or did it find you?

Actually, both. I started working at Salon 51 as a renter. I rented a station after having my own salons previously. I initially wanted a break from the owner side of the business but after about 1-2 years, when the owner at the time told me she wanted to sell the business, I realized that I needed to own and run a salon again. This was January of 2008, and I have grown the business and have plans for a training center in the near future.

How are you involved with both the community and your customer?

The biggest event involving our customers and the community is the American Cancer Society "Making Strides" event. I have been a team leader for the last six years raising money by taking donations and hosting a “Cuts for a Cure” event at Salon 51 every year. Annually, we walk as a team to remember our friends and family affected by the disease. We cannot do it alone, however, so coming up on October 18 we’ll walk again. For more information, please call the salon for the date of our “Cuts for A Cure” event, and/or to be a part of our walk.

Where do you go when the going gets tough?

I just keep on going. I have learned in my 32 years of being in the beauty industry, as well as in life, that the best way to go straight ahead is by evaluating the situation and learning from it.

What’s your biggest job perk?

The satisfaction I get as we grow as a salon and the positive customer feedback. Our customers are part of our Salon 51 family.

If you could be any other profession what would it have been?

I feel I am in the profession I was meant to be in. I originally wanted to be a fashion designer, but was led into beauty school by my high school counselor. Since the beginning of my career as a cosmetologist, I have always had the attitude of loving every day that I go to work. We meet different people every day and make people feel better and more beautiful. What could be better than that?

And finally, customer service is…?

Giving all of yourself, your experience, your talent, your creativity, your knowledge and your time to every client, making them feel special inside and out, and like they are the most important thing in your life when they are both with you in and outside of the salon.