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Amerikan Ichi

Sep 22, 2009 12:33PM ● By Wendy Sipple

photo by Aaron Roseli

“All-you-can-eat” and quality don’t always go hand in hand, but that isn’t the case at Amerikan Ichi.

This new sushi restaurant in Placerville brings all the same made-to-order high standards to their guests as any other sushi place, only you can brave the whole menu without paying the price of a plane ticket to Japan.

Amerikan Ichi isn’t a buffet, and the sushi hasn’t been sitting out all afternoon. Each full-size roll is brought to you the moment the chef’s knife leaves the plate. But don’t think you are limited in choices. Their extensive menu includes about every roll available on their standard menu – which is a wide range, from basic or hand-rolls to deluxe rolls will all the trimmings in cooked and raw versions along with nigiri (fish & rice) and sashimi (fish only).

My wife and I met there one evening on the way home from work. Their friendly staff and sleek décor are inviting and a nice complement to the cuisine. We started the evening with Miso Soup and green tea to wet our appetite for what was to come. Our first round order included a Tiger, Caterpillar, and Volcano Roll. Served on a nice, wooden stepped platter, the presentation was excellent. And the rolls were as good as they looked! We followed those with a few other rolls and nigiri.

Amerikan Ichi offers their reasonably priced all-you-can-eat menu for lunch as well, so at any point in the day you can grab your fill of great sushi. And for anyone not ready to brave the endless-sushi-eating option, Amerikan Ichi also offers a full menu of individual items, including plenty for the non-sushi lovers. They offer a selection of kids’ items and take-out as well. So grab some friends and a healthy appetite, and get there early because seating goes fast! You can find their most recent menus on their Facebook fan page.