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We Tried It...Rolling Razor

Aug 31, 2009 12:36PM ● By Wendy Sipple

photo by Aaron Roseli

I am a pretty basic guy when it comes to shaving.

I’ve been using the same brand, basic three-blade razor since high school; no turbo, no massaging, no 15 blade high-tech hacksaw; just the basic razor. So when I first saw the Rolling Razor, I was a bit skeptical. The design of the Rolling Razor immediately stood out to me. Unlike anything on the market, it was definitely intriguing.

Right out of the box the Rolling Razor seemed to fit my hand well. The odd shape really felt comfortable and the design seems to allow a large amount of versatility and control while shaving. It did take some getting used to, so I gave the Rolling Razor a full four-week trial just to make sure I gave it a complete real-world-use test.

What I found was; it does take a bit of finessing to get a really close shave. The heads tend to like being “rolled” across the skin rather than drug across like a standard razor, but once getting the rolling action down, it seems to be great at awkward to shave places, like under the jaw or below the lower lip. And the technique, in the included shaving guide, for trimming sideburns is a bit cumbersome (even the description makes it sound so).

I don’t have a very thick beard and my skin is a bit on the sensitive side, but shaving once a day I found to be plenty and I didn’t have much irritation or razor burn. I also got to test the Rolling Razor Eucalyptus Shaving Cream, which seemed to work well, but I did notice that you had to use more than I would normally to keep the razor moving well without irritation.

The Rolling Razor’s rubber grips and finger hole give you a sure grip while in use and the simple ball holder secures the razor and spare blades, while not. The holder also comes with a suction cup for hanging the razor conveniently in the shower.

Rolling Razor does have a nice auto-shipping plan on their Web site to make reordering replacement blades a no-brainer. And their replacement blades are reasonably priced compared to the larger national brands, making it a pretty sweet deal if you find the razor works for you.

Rolling Razor offers many different blade types for most all skin types (for both men and women) and fun colors for a nice personal touch. The design and ergonomics are very original and surprisingly functional, but mastering the technique does take a little getting used to for the maximum closeness. The Rolling Razor site and marketing seem a bit trendy but the razor works as it claims although the shave quality may tend a bit towards arguable. Overall, I would rate the Rolling Razor about 7 ½ on a scale of 1 to 10.

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