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Jul 31, 2009 05:00PM ● By Wendy Sipple

Photo courtesy of The Folsom Dog Resort.

When you head to the Patagonian slopes to beat Sacramento’s summer heat or to St. Bart’s for some much needed winter sun, where do Fideaux and Magdalene stay? Well, if Fideaux and Magdalene are your children, that is a simple question, but if your kids are of the barky variety, the choice becomes a bit more complex. Fortunately our area now offers some pet accommodations that will not leave you feeling as though you have abandoned your beloved Doxle or Pekapoo to a life of horrors whilst you attempt, futilely, to enjoy your base-jumping and butter-poached lobsters. To help ensure that your fur children are well taken care of, we've scoped out some of the best the area has to offer:

Folsom Dog Resort and Training Center

In the Sacramento region, this is the preferred resort for the most spoiled of pets. The Folsom Dog Resort and Training Center offers over 10,000 square feet of outdoor play yards and private rooms that provide comfortable accommodations for your favorite pooch. They also provide special treatment for special requirements of special pets, personalized pampering by their staff of pet specialists, and twenty-four hour surveillance and high-level security to protect your beloved.
And don’t call them a kennel! Owner/trainer/dog expert and lover, Jason Davis, shudders when you call the Resort a kennel. “We are a full-service facility for dogs, offering training, day-care, rest, work and play periods.” They have comfortable rooms, which they do call “rooms,” not “kennels,” for your dogs, and the climate control assures comfort throughout Sacramento’s seasons, whether hot or cold.

“Dogs need balance. We give them scheduled play time with a few other dogs, supervised by a pet specialist. After play, they get a rest period. If they are being trained, they have a work period as well, followed by a rest period.” The supervised play periods are with a few other dogs in one of their huge play yards. Or, if your dog does not play well with other dogs, he or she can have one-on-one play with a pet specialist. Jason is obviously in love with his work, and he is ready to accommodate every dog’s special needs.

The Local Bark

The guests at Rancho Cordova’s The Local Bark enjoy custom designed guest rooms, sized appropriately to the individual resident, all day play, climate control, so Fluffy won’t suffer from Sacramento’s sun either, and twenty-four hour video surveillance for your puppy’s protection. They offer training for pets that might benefit from it, and, if you choose to do so, you may participate in your pet’s training session. The outdoor play-yard has misting systems to mitigate our Northern California sun.
According to Kristin Minnie, owner of The Local Bark, “Dog owners get peace of mind – they can leave their dogs here and be guilt free. The dogs absolutely love it here and it shows! They have a wonderful time. They drag their owners through the door when they show up, and they don’t want to go when vacation is over.”
Minnie is a dog person, through and through, and the dogs love her. You can tell by talking to her, that she would rather be at The Local Bark than anywhere else.

The Posh Puppy

As an alternative, why not take your furry friends with you? If you are staying in a domestic, pet-friendly facility such as Hawaii’s Mauna Lani Bay Bungalows, you will need some chic travel totes for your favorite pups, and The Posh Puppy is the place to get them! With every choice in doggie luggage, from sporty canvas to stylish leathers, they have you covered from the transportation angle. They also offer luxury bedding, treats, strollers and apparel, as well as just about everything else you can think of for your spoiled, spoiled pet.

The Animal Den Pet Resort and Spa

This is another restful resort for your pets. They accommodate the individual pet’s personality, whether they prefer to play or lounge. Would your darling English Sheep Dog benefit from a lovely, professional trim to get rid of those unsightly split ends? The Animal Den will make it so. Would Mitzy benefit from some professional behavior training? The Animal Den will handle it. Special accommodation can be made for multi-dog families that can board together.

Pooch Sitters

Pooch Sitters offers professional, in-home dog care. They provide mid-day walks, turning radios and televisions on and off, waste clean-up and play time for your pets as well as numerous home-care services such as paper and mail pick-up, checking for signs of intrusion and management of your security system. If you have a pet that suffers high levels of separation anxiety, keeping him or her in familiar surroundings may be the best way to go. Pooch Sitters allows them to sleep in their favorite basket and be surrounded by their favorite toys while you are away.


The Folsom Dog Resort

The Local Bark

The Posh Puppy

The Animal Den Pet Resort and Spa

Pooch Sitters