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Twin Towers

Jul 06, 2009 05:00PM ● By Wendy Sipple

Photo by Dante Fontana.

To say that mothers have their hands full raising their children may just be the biggest understatement ever floated. Anyone who has reared an infant, lived through the terrible twos and survived the teenage years will tell you that.

But how about raising twins, triplets or quadruplets – multiples with simultaneous needs whose cries echo like a Greek chorus. Thankfully, one local organization is serving the needs of many.

Founded in 1997 to provide support, activities, and resources for families with twins or higher-order multiples, El Dorado Mothers of Multiples (ED Moms) is a local non-profit organization with a membership primarily based throughout El Dorado Hills, but open to those living within the greater Sacramento area. “Membership is open to all current and expectant mothers of multiples,” explains ED Moms President Lisa Chavez. “We are a mixture of stay-at-home and career moms, and look to provide services that meet both needs.” A membership fee is requisite, as are four hours of volunteer service per year.

The mission of ED Moms –“To unite mothers of multiples to share parenting concerns, ideas, and information” – is familial-, socially-, and community-focused. Among its related programs are all-ages playgroups, some of which involve a unique outing, socials for parents looking to workshop ideas and share advice, and annual fundraisers. “Our club is comprised of people whom are so incredibly willing to give back, not only to the club, but also to the community,” Chavez says. “[On] many occasions we are asked to assist a family in need outside of our club, and not always a ‘multiple’ family. After verifying that the request is legitimate, we post a request for help and the response is overwhelming.”

In addition to providing the aforementioned support tools to members of ED Moms, the group is actively involved with the March of Dimes and developed a meal program designed to alleviate the stress experienced by new multiple families – by providing them with nutritious meals during the early weeks after the birth of their children. The organization also operates a library stocked with a variety of parenting books, all of which are free for members to check out, and a Preemie Clothes Closet for multiples who arrive before they are full-term, and also stages one of ED Moms’ largest events, its Clothing and Equipment (C&E) Sale. This semi-annual event allows members to sell gently-used toys, tools, kids clothes and maternity wear to the community for bargain prices. The next C&E Sale is slated for October 2009.

Next up for ED Moms is hosting the upcoming convention for the Northern California Mother of Twins Club, to be held November 6-8, 2009, in Rancho Cordova. The group is currently accepting props and decorations that fit the event’s theme, “Under the Sea: Celebrating Our Treasures,” and/or donations from individuals or companies for prize drawings.

For more information about ED Moms or to get involved, visit