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Student Spotlight

Apr 30, 2009 05:00PM ● By Super Admin

It’s May and many high school seniors are ready to leave home in a few short months to make their mark in the world. This month we feature a few from the “cream of the crop” in our local schools. They are armed with fresh ideas, unsurpassed book-smarts, and enough professional ambition to fill the Grand Canyon.

However, these students have more to offer than just good grades, they truly have the community in mind, and philanthropic goals are on their list to accomplish along with their degrees in various fields. So if you happen to be worried about the future of our society, let these students put your mind to rest.

Ponderosa High School

In what capacity have you been, or are you currently active in community service, volunteerism, local causes and/or non-profit organizations?
I recently participated in Mr. Ponderosa, a talent competition that raised over $3,500 for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. I have volunteered for community projects through Key Club and was a Link Crew leader. I also served as a student poll worker on election day, and am currently serving on Student Council.

How do you feel that volunteerism not only improves and strengthens the community, but also its citizens? How has it affected your personality?
I feel that it improves and strengthens the community because it gets people involved, and in turn brings new ideas and changes to the table. Volunteerism strengthens the citizen by offering them a fresh and prideful way to experience their community. It has definitely changed the way I look at things – when you work for a purpose, you make it your own and that’s a cool thing.

What global causes do, would, or have you championed?
I am a member of the STAND club, which works to raise genocide awareness. I am also a member of a local People to People International chapter; an organization that encourages international peace through the study of other cultures. I would like to champion music education in underdevoloped countries, poverty and environmental protection.

In what ways do you feel like the community could be stronger, and why?
By providing a homeless shelter and dedicating a place to assist people in getting back on their feet. The community would be investing in the future and success of its members.

What is your vision for the community?
Promote live music and entertainment. More music venues would bring the community together in a fun way, create a social atmosphere and also highlight local musicians and talent.

What’s one thing that not many people know about you?
I invested two years in rebuilding a ‘73 Volkswagen Super Beetle back to its original specs!

Post HS Graduation Plans:
Attend the University of Portland to pursue a career in the music field.

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