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A Fitness Fairytale

Apr 30, 2009 05:00PM ● By Super Admin

In October of 2008, Karla Read was overweight. She talked to a friend whom was accomplishing a fitness goal – they talked about eating well and going to the gym on a regular basis. Read found it intimidating. “I had the idea that it was all just too much! It is so intimidating before you start your fitness regimen,” Read confides.

Read works as a research scientist part-time. The balance of her days is filled with her two babies who are about 21 months apart, which was quite a trial for her body. The weight was on, and it seemed like that was where it was going to stay. She even got rid of her “thin” wardrobe and resolved to stay in her bigger sizes.

Then she encountered Maureen Evanoff at the Broadstone Racquet Club and her boot camp program. Evanoff provided the motivation and the organization that she needed. She showed Read that it did not have to be intimidating. She organized Read’s fitness regimen with recommended diet, an eating journal and a solid exercise plan. And it worked. Since October, Read has dropped 30 pounds!

“It is not just the weight-loss,” she emphasizes, “it is the fantastic motivation and how great you feel about yourself. The weight-loss is a huge part of it, but it is much more than that. It is a huge obstacle that you are overcoming.” And Read has truly overcome that seemingly impossible task! “I am kind of sorry that I got rid of all the skinny clothes, but it gives me an excuse for a new wardrobe!” Read has achieved her initial goal of losing the 30 pounds, but she is still working hard to streamline and to improve muscle tone. “Now I have to get ready for bikini season. I really never thought I would wear a bikini again!” Read still sounds giddy about her health transformation.

“Before you start, losing the weight seems like an absolutely impossible task. Then you start, and a little goes away and you think, ‘Wow! Maybe I can do this!’ Evanoff has been a huge inspiration and has provided the motivation to stay on track.”
It is obvious, however, that it is not just Evanoff who did this – Read has an incredibly positive and upbeat personality, and you can tell that she is not one to let things stand in her way! Her accomplishment, however, still surprises her a little.

“If I have learned one thing about getting in better shape, I would have to say it is that it’s possible. At first, it just seemed like a totally unattainable goal. No matter who else does it, for yourself, it just seems completely out of reach. For me, a lot of the change happened when I signed up for the boot camp. Once the weight started coming off and the muscles started to grow, it just sort of snowballed!”