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Nate Rangel

Mar 31, 2009 05:00PM ● By Super Admin

Nate Rangel is passionate about the river and all things related. He opened his rafting company, Adventure Connection, Inc. in 1984. He helped draft the revised River Management Plan for the South Fork American River, and has served on the River Management Advisory Committee as a commissioner for the California State Park and Recreation Department during Governor Wilson’s administration. Also, Rangel worked on the initial Bureau of Land Management Resource Advisory Committee, and is now a member of the joint USFS/BLM Recreation Resource Advisory Committee for California. “I am honored and lucky to do what I do, and I find most thrilling the river itself,” Rangel says. “Rivers are magical and affect people in ways I cannot explain.”

Rangel also works with the tourism council to promote area attractions such as Apple Hill and local wineries, and with the Film Commission to promote cinema in the county.

As an El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce representative he dotes, “What I like most about the Chamber, frankly, are the people who work in it. They’re smart, friendly, nice to hang with, and good at what they do,” Rangel shares.

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