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Mar 31, 2009 05:00PM ● By Super Admin

Do you want to increase your energy, end pain, or just feel better overall? How about without prescription drugs and their possible side effects? Then maybe acupuncture is for you.

Although no one really knows the story, one legend suggests the origins of acupuncture thousands of years ago. During battle, a Chinese soldier was shot with an arrow. He discovered that the stone projectile in one part of his body made the pain in another part go away. Since ancient times, instruments and techniques have changed; however, the theory remains constant. Energy continually flows throughout the body and if the energy is interrupted or blocked, illness or disease can occur.

This vital energy flow is known as “Qi” (pronounced “Chee”). The Qi travels through the body in a network of channels known as meridians. Each meridian flows to a specific organ. Imagine a series of rivers and creeks – if the water currents are blocked, the stream is disturbed or stopped. The same theory applies when energy is disrupted, distressing symptoms can appear. These blockages can occur for many reasons such as trauma, poor diet, stress and side-effects from medications.

For thousands of years, Asian culture has relied on this medical art form for their health needs. Not only is this practice excellent to relieve pain and other symptoms; it is used to preserve health and prevent illness. It is just in recent history that acupuncture has been accepted by the mainstream of the Western world.

The acupuncturist places nearly invisible, hair-thin needles (don’t worry, it is painless) into acupuncture points along the meridian to restore the proper flow of Qi. This helps return the proper energy balance and aids the body in healing itself.
Dr. Jennifer Jarrett, OMD (Oriental Medical Doctor) of Placerville has been practicing acupuncture for more than 27 years. She loves her practice and sees some patients arrive skeptical, however they usually leave pleasantly convinced. “Jarrett says, “They feel better and it trickles down into all aspects of their lives.”

Roseville-based Dr. David Cherry’s office specializes in female infertility. He said in the last 15 years his practice has been able to help more than 200 women have healthy babies. “It is exceedingly rewarding to help women have babies,” Dr. Cherry says. “The joy is boundless.” Dr. Cherry, an OMD, has been practicing this ancient medical art for more than 26 years and has no plans for retiring. “I love my work so much, I never want to retire,” he says.

Folsom L.Ac (Licensed Acupuncturist) Wendy Stedeford agrees, “Helping people is totally addicting.” Through her five years of practice, she has been able to help many people eliminate pain and other medical related issues that restricted their life. “I will be around treating people,” Stedeford says, “until I am 85 years old.”

This ancient practice focuses on the entire body. It does not simply treat symptoms. Since daily suffering can be unnecessary, it may only be a matter of trying something new – painless needles – to find relief.