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Community Roots

Feb 28, 2009 04:00PM ● By Super Admin

Having first been incorporated in October of 1928, Roseville Better Gardens Club (RBGC), a nonprofit that recently celebrated its 80th anniversary, is anything but a garden-variety community organization. For its sustained participation in district, club, civic, and conservation activities and projects, RBGC, a member of the Garden Foothills District of California Garden Clubs, Inc., and the National Garden Clubs, Inc., has earned “Blue Ribbon Club” designation.

“The purpose of the RBGC is to further the interest of its 54 members in all aspects of home gardening in Roseville and the vicinity,” according to Club Board Members Lori Key, Donna White, Sue Bennett, and Suzanne Wellington, who add that a vital part of the group’s overall mission is “to create, promote, and further interest in horticulture, gardening, floral and landscape design, plant and bird life, and appreciation of the natural beauties of the State of California.”

To fulfill this aim, RBGC encourages civic beautification and roadside development; assists in conservation projects; coordinates and centralizes the work of California garden clubs; and cooperates with various agencies on educational matters. Among the Club’s ongoing activities are hosting speakers for monthly group meetings; organizing spring field trips and garden tours; assisting the City of Roseville in planting trees on Arbor Day; fund-raising for Penny Pines, which collects monies in support of California National Forests to purchase seedlings for reforestation; and, together with two other area garden clubs, sponsoring the Annual Roseville Rose Show, which will celebrate 11 years in 2009.

On the civic duty front, the Club is equally busy, participating in several community service projects, including Roseville’s annual Maidu Park Clean-Up, maintaining the container gardens at the Blue Line Gallery, and decorating for Senior Dances at the Maidu Reception Hall.

The support RBGC has managed to draw for nearly a century begs the obvious question: Why are Roseville and surrounding communities so horticulturally inspired? “Most would agree that it isn’t the soil!” Club Board Members say. “Part of it is in the name, since roses thrive in our area despite the summer heat. We also have a long growing season, and the attractiveness of road medians, parkways, and green belts encourages beautification and conservation of our beautiful oaks.”

Ironically, area growth is also part of RBGC’s longevity. Thanks to fundraisers such as RBGC’s Annual Plant and Garden Sale, which is scheduled to take place May 19, at the Maidu Community Center from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the Club continues to thrive, even in difficult economic times. Board members credit this success to members, all of whom appreciate the rewards of fine gardening, and know full well that, after that initial seed of curiosity is planted, there is always more to learn.

Meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month, September through June at the Maidu Community Center. All individuals with an interest in home gardening are welcome to join, with the understanding that they will be expected to participate in Club activities, of course! •

For more information, visit RBGC online at, or call Lori Key at 916-784-0418.