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Spring Cleaning

Feb 28, 2009 04:00PM ● By Super Admin

Spring has just about sprung, which can only mean one thing. No, not allergies! Time to get your house in tip-top shape! Not only does home maintenance help your curb appeal if you decide you want to sell, but even if you’re planning on staying put for a while, a few simple chores can prevent damage, and even save you some cash.

As Ken Patterson, realtor with Keller Williams in Roseville suggests, “starting off your spring with a maintenance checklist can correct any problems before they get worse and cost a lot to fix.”

So as we shoo those gray days off until next year, Style offers nine tasks that won’t break the bank to help maintain your home’s aesthetic, safety and cleanliness...just in time for the season’s change.

1. Clean Gutters
Whether you climb the ladder yourself, use an attachment on your hose, or hire a professional, cleaning your gutters might be the easiest preventative thing you can do. Be sure to check that your downspouts carry rainwater at least five feet away from the foundation. Any closer than that can lead to water damage.

2. Power Wash Walls and Driveways
Power washers can be rented for fairly cheap and are a cinch to use. Spray your outside walls, driveways, and paths to clear dirt, grime, moss and cobwebs from your home.

3. Sweep Chimney
Once the weather warms up and you’re finished with fires, have your chimney swept. Dangerous deposits of creosote build up during the winter and can be highly flammable next year when you light it up again. A simple sweep can keep your family safe.

4. Check Roof                                           
Judy Black, Folsom realtor with Coldwell Banker, says, “Depending on the age of your roof, homeowners should evaluate and repair damaged, missing or loose shingles as needed.” Look over the roof for any damaged, missing or loose shingles and replace them.

5. Wash and Weather-proof Windows and Doors
Rain can leave dirty spots, particularly behind window screens, and cold weather can wear down weather stripping. Remove screens, and befriend a bottle of Windex. While washing, if you notice the weather stripping is cracked or worn, re-caulk.

6. Fix Your AC                                           
“Spring is a good time to have a service check of your air conditioner to head off any problems before the summer heat waves.” Patterson says.

7. Paint                                                 
Simple enough to DIY, painting the interior and/or exterior of your home gives you the most bang for your buck. “It is cheap and will keep everything looking fresh and clean,” says Black.

8. Clear the Clutter
Make it a clean sweep. Purge your cabinets, your drawers, your closets and under your bed. Placerville realtor, Suzy Allen of ERA Realty Center suggests clearing clutter outside, too. “Move trash cans behind fences,” she says. Garbage should never be seen from the street, unless it’s trash day.

9. Mow, Prune and Plant Yard
“Keep lawns green, mowed and maintained,” Allen adds. “First impression is most important,” she says. Planting flowers, spreading new bark and keeping bushes trimmed will drastically improve your curb appeal.

With just a little motivation and a touch of elbow grease, keeping your home maintained through the spring should be a snap.