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Linda Erfle

Jan 31, 2009 04:00PM ● By Super Admin

There are some who might think that artists must possess prodigious talent and cannot be “taught” to create great art. Linda Erfle, however, might disagree. Erfle, a local artist from Placerville, is living proof that practicing art only improves an artist’s craft. At a young age, she found herself interested in art and was eager to pursue the subject in great depth.

“I basically just started out drawing, but I wanted to learn about painting. So I started oil painting on my own and just kept doing it. I am pretty much self-taught with the exception of a few high school and college classes,” Erfle says. Through reading, observing other art, and painting one piece after another, Erfle became a prolific painter. While she regularly utilizes different mediums, a majority of her work is watercolor. “I prefer watercolor because it’s challenging. It’s not just about learning how to use the medium and brushes, but learning how to use the element of water…I finally have learned just how much water to use,” she says.

Her subjects include floral layouts, landscapes and close-up objects. Don’t expect to see similar pieces elsewhere – Erfle makes a point to make each painting unique by taking her own photographs. “I always work from my own photos. I learned to take pictures that appeal to me to get me going. Without pictures it would be hard; if it’s something you went out and took, it becomes a part of you and makes it easier and more meaningful to paint when you know your subjects.”

Erfle’s work reflects local subjects, but her pieces are appreciated at a national level; she is a member of the National Water Color Society. “It was definitely my proudest moment when I became a Signature Member in the National Watercolor Society in 2006. My painting won an award, too, and I went to the luncheon; it was just great to be surrounded by people who understood the significance of the membership and award, and were just as thrilled to be there,” says Erfle.

Her talent is well known in northern California, and you can find it in several galleries. Some of her local show venues include: Flowers on Main Street, Goldsmith Gallery and Gallery 4; galleries in the greater area include the Artery in Davis, Highlight Gallery in Mendocino and the Kit Carson gallery.
Erfle attributes a large part of her success to genuine hard work, and she advises others to do the same.

“Being self-taught, I think it’s important to get a book, take a class, or go to museums and exhibitions to see what others are doing and how they do it. Spend time making art. You can’t expect to be good right off the bat. It takes time and effort. I think everybody has a creative side and the way to get good is to keep doing it…,” she says.