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Jim Fitzpatrick

Jan 31, 2009 04:00PM ● By Super Admin

Sometime in the late 15th century a bunch of guys got together and played the first round of golf. They swung at pebbles with tree branches while moving around a natural course of rabbit runs and sand dunes on the east coast of Scotland. Today the game is somewhat more refined and flourishes with millions of devoted players throughout the world. Maybe the centuries-old attraction is as journalist PJ O’Rourke once offered, “Golf combines two favorite American pastimes: taking long walks and hitting things with a stick.”

Jim Fitzpatrick’s lifelong passion for the game of golf drives nearly his every endeavor. This self-described golf artist and historian has painted golf scenes and players for more than 25 years. After working as a golf course designer and marketing executive, he decided to make a career out of what he loves to do, create golf art. “I’m an okay golfer,” Fitspatrick says. “The game cannot be perfected, but you can try in extraordinarily beautiful surroundings.”

During his career, Fitzpatrick played and painted some of the most beautiful courses in the world. “My favorite,” he says, “is the 16th hole at Cypress Point.” However, it must be hard to choose, since he has enjoyed playing such courses as St. Andrews in Scotland, Augusta, and here in Granite Bay.

One of his specialties, and very popular among his admiring collectors, is the art reproduction technique of Enhanced Giclee. Fitzpatrick takes a fine copy of one of his paintings and then personally retouches it by painting people into the scene. With this method, he can paint a customized piece of art that recreates a moment in history or a special round of golf for a player. “My clients think my art,” he admits, “is a wonderful souvenir of an unforgettable moment in their golfing life.”

At the request of his extensive clientele, he expanded his art to sculpture and fine pencil drawings. His work, in many mediums, is featured in some of the most prestigious golf clubs and in the offices and homes of some of the most famous players of all time. One of his most ardent fans is golf legend Billy Casper. The two have been friends for decades. Fitzpatrick works with Casper to develop original art that is used as prizes for the annual Billy Casper Golf Classic. “Jim is one of the great talents in golf art,” Casper explains. “His work will stand the test of time.”
Local businessman John Curtan has been collecting Jim’s art for more than 10 years. “I think Jim,” Curtan says, “is the best golf artist on the planet.” Curtan owns 20 pieces of art and is planning on buying more. He enjoys spending time at Fitzpatrick’s gallery and stops by for a visit at least once a week. “Jim is just a wonderful person,” Curtan says. “I love to hang out and listen to his golf stories.”

To experience Fitzpatrick's work, visit his Granite Bay gallery or his Web site at