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Dec 31, 2008 04:00PM ● By Super Admin

Yorba 2005 Zinfandel
The story of Yorba Wines is steeped in California history and agriculture. Blending the heritage of the old west Yorba family and the current California citrus business of the Kraemer family, Yorba Wines is producing some of the most intriguing wines coming from foothill vines. The Yorba 2005 Zinfandel shows off the outstanding Zinfandel fruit that comes from the Sierra foothills, yet it is refined and understated, not a jammy, overly fruity wine. It is well balanced with hints of blackberry and boysenberry. I found this Zinfandel to be particularly well suited for food, as it has a nice light acidity in the finish. It would be great served with some hearty winter fare such as hearty soups or rich meats and sauces. Wine maker Ken Bernards is skilled at handling the very difficult Pinot Noir, and has built a career making this fine wine. His skills translate beautifully to this lighter body Zin. The Yorba 2005 Zinfandel is certainly a must try wine, particularly if you enjoy finely crafted wines that have an unusual story!
Russell Reyes
Russell is a freelance writer who hosts monthly Dolce Vino Wine University in Cameron Park.
His blog is

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