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James George Serrett

Dec 31, 2008 04:00PM ● By Super Admin

There is an old saying: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” It is a good sentiment that affirms the need for us to press on...even though we have been thrown an emotional curve ball, or two. Vocalist and songwriter James George Serrett is a man who knows a lot about stirring up this tangy drink; he chose music to communicate his deepest feelings with us.

This native New Yorker and Roseville resident is a former novelist and screenplay writer. He turned to song writing to help him cope with the rocky road of love and life. He lovingly refers to his first 10 songs as “a musical meat grinder.” His musical style, influenced by Billy Joel, is rock and roll; however he is still striving to write the perfect love song.

Since finding his musical voice, both vocally and in lyrical writing, he wants to share his thoughts with the world on love, life and a couple of his ex-wives. The songs he writes and performs are sincere, honest and poignant. The frank lyrics are sometimes blunt, however, there is no denying that each word comes straight from his heart. “People know when they are being lied to,” Serrett explains. “It is not cerebral, it is instinctual.”
“All my songs relate to my life,” Serrett says, “each blends in together.” He has written dozens of songs that detail his loves, life’s ups and downs, and his most intimate feelings. His style is very conversational as well as very confessional. “I use my voice, the melody and lyrics,” he explains, “for a perfect marriage of emotion and expression.”

Serrett lives by what the Buddha taught thousands of years ago and often contemplates the following statement: Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world. “You just can’t beat it.” Serrett says. “If my words are honest, they will hit a chord with my listeners.”

He loves his craft although he admits combining rhythm, lyrics and music is really hard work. “You have about four minutes,” Serrett says, “to make the listener experience what you feel.” His new CD Living in Slow Motion, available now at, is focused, romantic and fun. One of the tracks, “Plan B” lightheartedly offers advice for those whose life hasn’t gone exactly as planned.

Among his many fans, one stands out. Being a working musician and somewhat of a night owl, Serrett is a regular at a local Denny’s for midnight meals. The late night manager’s parrot, named Taos, has come to love Serrett’s music and style. “Taos dropped Roy Orbison for me,” Serrett explains, “and now listens to my music exclusively.”

After all this musical soul purging, Serrett still has plenty of time to work on other projects. He is excited about his upcoming novella Sebastian’s Casebook, a romantic mystery about reincarnation.