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Dec 31, 2008 04:00PM ● By Super Admin

Novecento Sparkling Rosado Dulce
Everyone wants and needs value these days. The catch is, we still want to feel like we did in the yesteryears of indulgence. Cristal from the famed champagne house of Louis Roederer represents that “bling” lifestyle. You see it in high-end restaurants and in the hands of celebrities in every paparazzi shot, in every hot club in the country. Nothing can be more extravagant. Tack on the fact that the Brut goes for about $300 and the Rosé for $550 a bottle; this can bust your wine budget for months. Don’t get me wrong, both Cristal’s Brut and Rosé are very nice. Would I pay that? Heck no! Especially if there are absolutely wonderful alternatives. I’d rather have a pair of Jimmy Choos.
There is an extraordinary sparkling rosé that I think will make you feel like a celebrity without having to spend the dough. The Novecento Rosado Dulce is a fabulous example of an exceptional wine for an exceptional price. This pink sparkler is made in Argentina from Chenin Blanc and Ungi Blanc grapes from a vineyard high above Mendoza. “Dulce” means sweet but this bright and flavorful bubbly is far from it. On the contrary, it’s bright, clean, and finishes with nice red berry and a touch of citrus. Full of rich fruit flavors and fine “pearl” bubbles, you won’t be disappointed especially for the retail price below $15. Don’t let the price fool you though – this is an over-performer! Now you don’t have to wait for a special occasion, you can “bling” it up everyday.
Julie Moreland
Julie is the owner and Wine Psychic of WineStyles – Granite Bay.

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