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John Running

Nov 30, 2008 04:00PM ● By Super Admin

Throughout studios in New York, on the left bank of Paris, in the lofts of Los Angeles and even among the hills of northern California, artists struggle each and every day to pursue their passion and create great art – art that often does not sell. The story of the struggling artist is a common one, told even of the most celebrated artists of our time.

But some artists, like John Running, share a rare story of success. Perhaps it’s because of his business savvy from spending 18 years working in the family business, his determination, or perhaps, it’s his ability to create relevant, appealing art that people want right when they see it. Whatever the reason, Running’s work sells. He spends many a day in the comfort of his studio overlooking the pine trees of Placerville, toiling away at his rock and metal creations and, to his great fortune, pursuing that which he loves.

“I create art every day, and I enjoy it every day. To me, going to work is like vacation,” says Running, and adds that he’s been making art his whole life. “I grew up in a creative family with creative things always going on around me. My parents owned a screen printing business…eventually, though, I wanted to pursue art full time, so I bought my own studio,” he says.

And in that studio, Running found great success through creating unique pieces made of rock and metal. He designs and creates small, affordable pieces so that everyone can appreciate his art, but he also makes large, one-of-a-kind pieces for those who want to make a bigger statement.

And what’s the inspiration for his work? “Anything can spark inspiration…driving down the road, sitting on the beach; I like nature and creating pieces that reflect [it],” says Running. He also attributes some of his inspiration and success to the support of his wife and four children.

“Thankfully, galleries just keep re-ordering what I make. I’ve had a good following, and I think that it’s due to the [my] business background – it helped me understand how to market my work,” he says. Local galleries featuring Running’s art include the James Harold Gallery in Tahoe City, Rocky’s in Placerville, Fine Eye Gallery in Sutter Creek, and Full Circle Gallery in Jackson.

Now the question is: Does Running ever feels that his defining style will stifle further creativity? He says no. “I’m fortunate that I have a product, the rock and metal pieces, to keep me busy. While I’m in production with the daily pieces, my mind is free to be creative and I’m always developing new ideas. Then, when my work is complete, I can step away and work on a more inspired piece.”

So what’s next for John Running? He’s decided to transition away from rocks and is beginning to work solely with metal. Whatever this artist gives us next, expect that the pieces will not only be distinctive, but they’ll likely be best sellers, too.