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Pueblo Chico Cantina

Nov 30, 2008 04:00PM ● By Super Admin

True Mexican cuisine is a celebration of the company you keep shown through the food you eat. It’s hard to capture that spirit in a restaurant, but if anyone succeeds, it’s Pueblo Chico Cantina in El Dorado Hills. Pueblo Chico (Spanish for “small town”) opened in June, and is family owned and managed. Head chef Elaine Martinez is the key ingredient in the Pueblo Chico family. Originally from eastern Texas and self-taught, Martinez has been in the restaurant industry for 30 years. Her love of cooking started at home with her mother and grandmother, and Martinez gets the most joy from “the happy faces when people eat my food.” The menu boasts deeply traditional Mexican fare, inspired by Martinez’ own family dishes. Their most popular dish is Classic Fideo & Pork, a traditional noodle dish that is the very definition of comfort food. For first time diners, Martinez recommends their “melt-in-your-mouth” enchiladas; for the more seasoned, try the Crawfish Enchilada for a Cajun twist on a Mexican classic, or Martinez’ personal favorite, the Poblano Chile Rellenos. Pueblo Chico Cantina prides itself on providing “solamente los mejor” (translated: “only the best”) in Mexican cuisine and culture. As a diner, you’re a guest at the Martinez family table, and Elaine Martinez creates the feeling of home in every dish.

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