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Oct 31, 2008 05:00PM ● By Super Admin

Semeli Rosé 2007

If you think “yuck” when ever you hear the word Rosé need to get over it! You’re missing out on some amazing wines. Rosé has made a comeback in the U.S. mostly because there have been numerous wonderful offerings in recent years, and peoples’ tastes are getting more adventurous. If you want to taste a great example of a very versatile Rosé, look no further than the birthplace of modern society.

Semeli Rosé 2007 is a regional wine of Korinthos (Corinth), Greece. Produced at Nemea in the Peloponnese from the grape variety Agiorgitiko (A-your-yee-tiko), this wine has a wonderful deep color, with almost a light purple tone to it. Scents of strawberry and rose petal are followed by crisp and clean berry fruit. Darrell Corti calls it “shockingly good.” Semeli Rosé is a perfect aperitif wine, and goes well with fish, pasta, vegetable dishes, and would make a wonderful offering on the holiday table.
Rick Mindermann
Rick is a 30-year veteran grocer with Corti Brothers in Sacramento,
 personal assistant to Darrell Corti,
and “The Good Taste Guy” for

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