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Life Coaching

Oct 31, 2008 05:00PM ● By Super Admin

Today’s stop-for-nothing lifestyle has birthed a cadre of assistance for those who require it, which, if we’re really honest with ourselves, is most of us in some capacity.  And yet, despite society’s helpful workforce, many of us are overly stressed, too thinly spread, and generally unhealthy. Enter the “Life Coach.”

“As a life coach I help my clients get their lives back on track, empower them to learn more about themselves and to fully understand and appreciate their true potential,” says Professional Certified Life Coach David Rude, who, through his Folsom practice, helps residents realize, then manage, unfulfilled aspects of their lives. He does so by assisting these individuals to “rediscover their dreams and goals” by first identifying obstacles and challenges that prevent these aims from being reached. According to Life Coach and Retreat Leader, Cindie Wilding of Roseville, “A life coach can help individuals who need structure and accountability in order to make challenging changes.”

Life coaching may easily be, and often is, confused with traditional therapy. And while there is some overlap, there are fundamental differences, according to Rude, who explains that psychological therapy tends to focus on feelings and experiences related to past events. Wilding goes on to say that, “a coach does not look back, but rather works with the client to take action, moving forward towards their goals.”

Through attentive, one-on-one discussion and goal setting, life coaches help clients define clear, achievable objectives. The process is most successful when client ambitions are based upon his or her core needs and values.  Wilding explains, “[Life] coaching is not something that happens to you, but something you make happen. If you are ready to make some changes, you are ready for a coach.” Rude says, “accelerated personal and professional growth is the hallmark of being coached.”

Because we all possess the ability to overwhelm ourselves, life coaching benefits all who fruitlessly spin their wheels, whether it is a single working mother, a high-profile corporate executive, or a member of the chronically over-taxed set. “I work with students, housewives, corporate administrators, teachers, lawyers, business leaders and so on,” Rude says, “anyone interested in enhancing their professional and/or personal life and willing to make a commitment to growth.” Wilding helps her clients look at the roadblocks to their personal goals, and focuses on solutions for removing them.Rude also raises a crucial point in this whole exercise – personal accountability.  But, if you lack motivation at times, Wilding recommends having a coach at your side, cheering you on, because it really does make all the difference.

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