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Five Reasons Couples Seek Counseling

Sep 30, 2008 05:00PM ● By Super Admin

1. “The same conflicts keep coming up.”
Few of us are “naturals” at dealing with conflict. Too often couples focus on the details of the conflict and go round and round, digging a deeper and deeper rut that erodes their goodwill and leaves the problem unsolved.

A therapist has the job of helping you see beyond the details. They’ll have you pay attention to the way in which you both talk about the conflict. You’re going to have countless disagreements over the life of a relationship. If your style of handling them is lacking, you don’t have a chance. You can afford to have some unsolved issues. But, you can’t afford to destroy your connection a little each time you try to talk them over.

2. “I don’t know if we should stay together.”
At the start of therapy, many couples have no idea whether they really want to continue the relationship. Some couples are afraid to say this out loud, but are thinking it. Other times, one partner desperately wants to work on things, and the other person is so burned out or angry that they can’t honestly make that commitment at the start. In my opinion that’s fine. It’s honest and doesn’t mean you can’t do the work. Making a commitment to show up, speak up (with respect) and listen up is enough to start. 

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