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Margot Comer

Sep 30, 2008 05:00PM ● By Super Admin

Margot Comer’s insightful kindergarten teacher confided in her father, “Don’t expect too much of her…she’ll be an artist.” The teacher had it half right; Comer turned out to be an artist. However, ask her students and members of the local art scene and they will say that she has given so much of herself along the way.

She was always interested in art and made her passion into her profession. After finishing school in Boston she made her way across the United States to California and started a graphic arts business.

She retired 30 years later and decided to pursue painting by studying, refining her craft, with fellow painters throughout California and Mexico.

Her subjects are varied but one of her favorite methods is the “plein air” approach, which is a French term meaning “in the open air.” Working in nature, painters must learn to interpret continual changing light and conditions. “When you paint outdoors,” says Comer; “you have to challenge yourself beyond what you already know.” By seeing her work you can tell that she revels in it. She is also influenced by the paintings of the late Russian Impressionist Sergei Bongart. His stylistic influences jump off Comer’s canvases as a celebration of color.

She is now a teacher and beloved mentor holding classes at Sierra College, Sun City Roseville and the Maidu Center. “I love getting an idea and expressing it in paint,” says Comer, “and, I equally enjoy helping students do the same.”

One of those lucky students is retired art teacher Dennis Carr, who holds two masters degrees in fine arts and is accomplished in many types of art forms. Yet, he never studied painting. After seeing a display of Comer’s work at the Sun City Roseville Fine Arts Club, he decided to join her class. He enjoys her relaxed teaching style. “She’s a delightful gal,” says Carr. “[She] has a way of bringing out the best effort in people of all ages.”

Locally, Comer’s work has been recognized and spotlighted by some big names. SureWest chose one of her paintings, Roseville Depot, for the cover of the 2007 Roseville telephone book. Sacramento-based PBS station KVIE chose her work for their on-air charity auction last year, and will do so again this year. Comer is also affiliated with Noel Flynn Gallery in Roseville where her work is available to view and purchase. Owner and fellow artist, Noel Flynn, has been a friend and business associate to Comer for more than three years. He is impressed by her color usage and excellent composition. “She has mastered the medium,” says Flynn.

When not teaching, she is busy creating her own masterpieces. “When I am in my studio, I become completely absorbed in my work and give it 100 percent of my focus.” Comer explains, “It is truly my passion.” During her long and varied career Comer has painted hundreds of paintings and says, “I have covered acres of canvas, one brush stroke at a time.”

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