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Dog Training

Jul 31, 2008 05:00PM ● By Super Admin

Dogs have long had a reputation for being man’s best friend – the work it takes to keep that friendship going is less widely discussed! Bringing an animal into your home is exciting, but it can be difficult too, for both pet and owner. Even if you have raised your dog with patience, consistency and love, he may exhibit a behavior that you don’t know how to control or temper – how do you communicate effectively with your dog in such cases? Jason Davis of The Dog Guy offers his expert advice on some of the most common behavioral problems that dog owners face.

Q. What is the best way to socialize my dog with other dogs and people?
Anti-social or aggressive behavior in dogs is often a source of considerable anxiety for dog owners. According to Jason, the best measures against this type of behavior are preventative, and should be taken sooner rather than later.

A. “Start them when they are young! Puppies should be with their natural litter for a minimum of eight weeks, ideally 12 weeks, because there are some dog-to-dog socialization skills that can only be taught by the littermates. Once you bring your puppy home and he’s had all the appropriate vaccinations, help him experience the “world.” Get outside, daily! Take your dog on walks through your neighborhood, downtown, to the parks, lakes, trails, and anywhere that dogs are welcome to expose him to a variety of environments. If your dog is a little older and hasn’t yet had these experiences, dog day care and socialization classes are another great option.”...

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