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Jul 31, 2008 05:00PM ● By Super Admin

2007 Domaine de Nizas Rosé Coteaux du Languedoc

Why not think pink? In the past, the place for pink wines was always at the lowest rung on the wine totem pole. When winos thought of pink wine, their automatic response was “White Zinfandel.” This sweet pink wine, that didn’t seem to pair well with any food, started most of us on our wine journey.

Are all pinks created equal? Absolutely not!

Nowadays, pink wines are coming on strong in the U.S., but in the form of dry rosé. Dry rosé wines are fruity, refreshing and extremely food friendly. For those strictly red drinkers, rosés are perfectly refreshing and still have a level of complexity that red drinkers are accustomed to, and a great alternative to a heavy Cabernet or Zinfandel. For those white drinkers, rosés can more easily transition them into exploring more intense reds.

A perfectly traditional rosé comes in the form of the 2007 Domaine de Nizas Rosé Coteaux du Languedoc. This wine is a wonderful expression of what summer is meant to be. With a blend of Syrah, Grenache Noir, and Mourvedre, the color of this sunshine-in-a-bottle is a soft but vibrant pink. In the mouth, this fuller bodied rosé delights with flavors of strawberries and raspberries, finishing with a very slight toasty sweetness that lingers; think of marshmallows or a bit of caramel. Even though this wine is a traditional French rosé, the fruit-forward nature will please just about any palate. So don’t be afraid to think pink and think outside the box. Pink is in, baby!
—Julie Moreland
Julie is owner and Wine Psychic of WineStyles ­– Granite Bay.


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