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Jun 30, 2008 05:00PM ● By Super Admin

Like most mothers, Paula Allison is a tried-and-true multi-tasker. With a to-do list a mile long and exactly one set of hands, she is busy raising two little ones of her own, serving as executive director of Allison Consulting, an estate and business planning law firm, as well as presiding over the locally-based MomtoMom Productions, a networking organization for moms. Allison has marketed volunteerism and trumpeted education at various levels throughout her professional life. The common thread in the fabric of achievement she continues to steadily weave: advocacy for kids, families and community.

“I am always thinking of ways to educate moms about how important it is to protect their kids by preparing their estate plans,” says Allison, who adds that in early January of this year while rocking her toddler to sleep, a light bulb went off and an organization was born. “My mission through MomtoMom Productions is to enable other professional moms who specialize, in some way, in keeping families healthy and protected, to join together to give back to the community through educational events,” Allison says. “This kind of outreach gives me the opportunity to really connect with area moms, while at the same time, provide them with valuable education.”

Though relatively new to the scene, MomtoMom Productions has already made quite a stir, proving that Allison’s maternal instincts were indeed accurate. Since the idea first germinated, MomtoMom Productions held its inaugural seminar series this past April and May, which focused on such topics as finances, living trusts, self-defense, vaccinations and autism, organic food gardening, and pre- and post-natal Pilates among other subjects pertinent to mothers. Field experts present seminars, tickets to which are only $15.

Besides getting valuable answers to their more pressing questions, and receiving practical advice for their concerns, local moms have a chance to meet, connect and establish newfound relationships with other mothers, and by proxy, friendships. To what does Allison attribute the success of her little networking organization that could? Call it the “Mom Factor;” she does. “The bottom line is that we turn to our fellow moms to look for advice on parenting, service providers and other resources,” Allison says. “You trust someone who has been in your shoes.”

So what should one expect from a MomtoMom seminar? As Allison describes it as, “A quality educational experience with a lot of fun thrown in.” She adds, “Business owners who participate in our MomtoMom network should expect to meet a dynamic group of women who are eager to work together to keep families healthy and protected in our community.” Because MomtoMom Productions is so community-minded, remaining profits from seminar ticket sales support Moment By Moment (, a nonprofit that provides complimentary photography services to families with a child (or children) afflicted with life-limiting illness.

“Motherhood has helped me to prioritize what is important to me, and has also clarified my purpose,” Allison says. “Being a parent takes an incredible amount of time and also makes you a better person because you need to be a good role model. Plus, it’s so darn fun!”

Experience the fun by first learning more. Visit MomtoMom Productions online at, or by calling 916-792-7946.