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Leslie Anne Webb

May 31, 2008 05:00PM ● By Super Admin

“At the age of three, I painted the perfect rendition of the horse as I saw him: spiritual, majestic and vividly colorful,” says Leslie Anne Webb. And, she recounts, “horses had captured my heart with their beauty, their grace, and the language of their soul.” She knew even then that humans and animals had a strong emotional connection. By the age of 11, she had painted a mural of running horses framing her bedroom allowing her to feel their beauty surround her.

Although college days may have led her astray from her core heart’s desire to focus on animals, after completing her Master’s in Psychology, Webb befriended a lady that introduced her to the United Pegasus Foundation. This drew her to meet rescued foals, and it was then that Webb knew she was going to invite horses back into her life and never let go again.

Through spending time with the horses, Webb describes a strong human-animal connection that we can all experience if we just open our minds to the possibility. “All animals are teachers or healers,” she says.

Webb has been an artist and painter her entire life, and now lives on a private ranch in Grass Valley with her three dogs, cat and five horses. Webb credits her mother, a current artist, and her grandmothers who were artists, for her creative and artistic abilities.

Webb is working to become certified in equine guided education and looks to teacher and mentor Ariana Strozzi for inspiration. The equine guided educator strives to reconnect and heal people by utilizing the horse as the mediator. The Equine Guided Education Association (EGEA) supports the horse as a guide in human growth and development.

Currently, Webb is practicing her equine work with her own horses as well as helping to build relationships with clients and their horses. Her focus is on the dynamics of developing a relationship between horse and human. Webb says that, “today, my work still reflects the deep connection I have for these majestic animals, and the vivid colors [in my paintings] portray the brightly energetic personalities they exude. Most of the horses I paint are those rescued by United Pegasus Foundation and other rescue organizations.”

Webb believes that horses can bring us to the present moment, and she describes the power of accepting that gift from her subjects. She says, “it is through knowing these horses that I find my greatest inspiration, for to stand and hug a horse, encompassing the awe of their strength and gentle nature at the same moment, leaves one utterly breathless. It is in this moment that we tend to take a deeper breath than normal, finding our rhythm slowing down to match that of our furry companion. For it is in the presence of horses that we remember who we are.”

Webb and one of her horses, Oscar, are going to be attending the Cal Expo Western State Horse Expo, June 6 through June 8. Webb revels at how well their personalities match.

To see Webb’s collection and learn more about her, visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a>. For more information on equine guided education, check out <a href="" target="_blank"></a>. •