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May 31, 2008 05:00PM ● By Super Admin

Miraflores 2005 Syrah
Méthode Ancienne

Imagine yourself stepping back to a simpler, slower time, during the Belle Époque in France. Life is good and the wine that you toast with is tread by the feet of angels. Back then, the winemaking style now known as Méthode Ancienne, or “the ancient way,” was the standard method used to produce wine.

Miraflores winery has produced the 2005 Syrah Méthode Ancienne in this old-world style. The hand picked grape clusters are put into the open fermenter whole, no crushing or de-stemming. Twice a day for six days, the berries are treaded I-Love-Lucy-style, for 5 minutes. Eventually, the wild yeast in the air starts the fermentation and the rest is magic. The 2005 Syrah Méthode Ancienne is rich, yet subtle and you’ll note dark chocolate and cherries, and a slight spiciness that adds to the complexity of the wine. It is a rare wine, but definitely worth the effort to find and try!
— Russell Reyes
Russ is a freelance writer who also hosts private wine tours and the monthly Dolce Vino University in Cameron Park.

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