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Sutter Roseville Medical Center Foundation

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As Roseville continues to grow toward the outskirts of South Placer County, so too has the commitment of its benchmark-setting community hospital – Sutter Roseville Medical Center – to provide acute quality medical care to all residents.

Instrumental to fulfilling this obligation is the Sutter Roseville Medical Center Foundation, which, since its inception in 1984, has sourced and funneled millions in charitable monies to its namesake hospital; and, in turn, to the community.

“We create what we refer to as the margin of excellence,” says the Foundation’s Executive Director Patricia Marquez, “by supporting a variety of large-scale projects that help Sutter improve and provide the highest level of patient care.” These endeavors include funding crucial equipment needs, various programs and services, structural improvements, and building projects.

A volunteer board of directors governs the Foundation, which is currently working hard to raise the financial support necessary to help complete a 15-bed expansion of Sutter Rehabilitation Institute, which helps patients with severe degenerative neurological and orthopedic injuries attain functional independence. This type of project, explains Marquez, “allows us to continue to do what we do – and that’s raising the bar for philanthropy in this community while helping people connect with what is important to them.”

Enter quality health care. As a community hospital, Sutter Roseville Medical Center is uniquely positioned to provide what so many other medical centers cannot: equitable care for all. Sutter’s emergency room facility, for example, does not deny care to those unable to pay – including under - or non-insured residents. The Foundation plays a key role in making this possible by supplying charitable monies from its coffers to help cover costs.

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